Werth VideoCheck VHA

Werth VideoCheck® V HA

Highly accurate tool measurement - most accurate multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine for the measurement of tooling

Design Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine with high accuracy vertical design. Highest measuring accuracy due to the use of precision air bearings and rigid granite design.
Part Dimensions L=300/500mm; D=200/200mm
Available Measuring Sensors Werth image processing (IP) video sensor, Werth 3D-Patch, Werth laser sensor, touch trigger and dynamic scanning probes, Werth Fiber Probe, Werth Contour probe, etc.
Applications twist drills, step drills, taps, form cutters, hobs, reamers, endmills, etc.

Werth Current

Reducing scrap with contour comparison (5.6 MB)

Optical Sensors Microfeatures

When Other Measurement Methods Fail (642 KB)

The Multisensor

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