Werth ScopeCheck® MB

The multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine for flexible measurement and large measuring ranges

3D-CNC multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine with a moving bridge design for large and  heavy workpieces.
Measuring Range X=500-2000mm; Y=600-3000mm; Z=450-1500mm
Available Measuring Sensors Werth image processing (IP) video sensor, Werth 3D-Patch, Werth Laser sensor, touch trigger sensor and dynamic probes, Werth Fiber Probe, Werth Contour Probe,Werth IP 40 T (compact optical sensor head), etc.
Application Large components from the automotive-. machine building and toolmaking industries, etc.

Werth Current

Reducing scrap with contour comparison (5.6 MB)

Optical Sensors Microfeatures

When Other Measurement Methods Fail (642 KB)

The Multisensor

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