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Platforms for information exchange on the latest developments in coordinate metrology

Werth Messtechnik regularly organises various events related to coordinate metrology, e.g. the Werth Technology Days, the CT Forum and the Open Day. Here you will receive information on current trends and insights into the manufacturing process of multi-sensor and computed tomography machines. Werth Messtechnik staff will be available to answer metrology questions and take test measurements on your workpieces. Highlights are the field reports from users of our technology and the expert presentations from our partners from Research and Development.

Event Calendar
AUKOM mould and position (FL)
05.12.2022 – 07.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
MBD Event
08.12.2022 – 09.12.2022
Netherlands / Eindhoven
Practice days on AUKOM mould and position (optional)
The optional practice days can be taken directly afterwards or on an individual date, if available
08.12.2022 – 09.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
AUKOM Update
12.12.2022 – 13.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
Werth Technology Day St. Georgen
Werth Technology Day in St. Georgen
Germany / St. Georgen
Werth Technology Day Zwickau
Werth Technology Day in Zwickau
Germany / Zwickau
Werth Technology Day Berlin
Werth Technology Day in Berlin
Germany / Berlin
Werth Technology Day Buchs
Werth Technology Day in Buchs
Switzerland / Buchs
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