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New WinWerth® Version 9.44

New WinWerth® Version 9.44

WinWerth® version 9.44 includes many new functions for Werth ScopeCheck®, VideoCheck® and TomoScope® machines, as well as improved ease of use, speed and flexibility. One example is the extension of the PMI functions. According to the selection of the geometrical characteristic, for example a position deviation, all required geometrical elements are measured with automatic point distribution. The measured value is output including the deviation from the nominal value taken from the CAD model.
Both the TomoScope® machines and the multi-sensor systems allow ever shorter measurement times. To enable real-time evaluation even with large amounts of data, functions for parallel evaluation of measured data with several computers have been integrated into WinWerth®. As soon as the run-out is finished, the now free PC automatically picks up the next task. This also makes it possible to organise a complete measurement including evaluation in unmanned shifts over night or at the weekend.
The deviations from various local nominal/actual adjustments of the workpiece, also in different alignment states, can now be displayed simultaneously in colour-coded form. This new function is suitable for workpieces with several functionally relevant areas whose positions in relation to each other can deviate greatly from the nominal state.
The new Envelope Scanning following the cutting edge enables even faster measurement of the cutting edge contours of rotationally symmetrical tools. The image processing sensor follows the respective cutting edge with the help of a synchronised movement of the device axes.

New WinWerth® Version 9.44

Measurement with PMI data: According to the selection of perpendicularity (red), scan paths (green) for the predefined sensor are automatically distributed to the cylinder and reference plane

TomoScope® machines have been working efficiently with factory-measured magnification levels since their market launch in 2005. Now the operator can infinitely adjust the magnification of his choice and immediately start a measurement without qualification. The correct magnification for the current axis position is automatically calculated using advanced geometry correction. This increased flexibility saves measuring time at the same time.
WinWerth® is probably the only coordinate measuring software that combines all functions for controlling coordinate measuring machines with optical and tactile sensors as well as computed tomography and the corresponding data evaluation. For example, CAD models, voxel volumes, point clouds, measurement and calculation elements, geometrical characteristics, colour-coded deviation plots and video images can be displayed in several views simultaneously. Measurements can be made on volume sections with the image processing software; layers of any thickness can also be displayed and, for example, bond wires can be measured. The transfer functions, e.g. for spreading certain grey scale ranges for a more detailed representation, can be saved and called up again. All functions are also available for CNC measurement sequences.
Also of interest for the evaluation of CT measurements are new functions such as 3D wall thickness measurement, with which bottles, for example, can be tested very quickly and easily, and automatic burr detection with colour-coded deviation plot and analysis markers, e.g. to display the maximum local burr length every 0.5 mm. Missing features in an assembly can also be automatically identified by comparison with a master part.

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