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The novelties 2023

The novelties 2023

Werth Messtechnik has further improved the accuracy of its computed tomography and multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems. The new TomoScope® S Plus 240 impresses with double the measuring volume, the VideoCheck® UA with a unique specification and the new VideoCheck® S with up to three independent Z-axes for perfect integration of multi-sensor systems.

The new TomoScope® S Plus measuring systems have more than twice the measuring volume of their predecessor with almost the same size. With the unique specifications of MPE for E of (4 + L/75) µm and MPE for SD of (2.5 + L/100) µm, the series also offers what is surely the highest accuracy in its machine class. The modular instrument system has been expanded; the TomoScope® S can now also be equipped with large detectors, for example. In addition, new operating modes such as laminography and eccentric tomography scan "OnTheFly" are available for the TomoScope® S series. Probably the world's first sub-microfocus source in monoblock design can be used for all Werth CT machines. Longlife components enable high-resolution measurements with high availability and low maintenance costs.

The VideoCheck® UA is probably the world's most accurate multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine. With such a machine, the potential of highly accurate sensors can be fully exploited. In the new accuracy-optimised design, the MPE for Euni has been reduced to (0.15 + L/2000) µm (option). The new machines feature improved decoupling of ambient vibrations, improved long-term temperature stability and improved measurement uncertainty for multi-sensor systems.



The novelties 2023



Werth TomoScope® S Plus – the evolution of measuring range and accuracy





The proven multi-ram concept for maximum flexibility when using multi-sensor systems is now also available for VideoCheck® S machines with smaller measuring ranges. The independent sensor axes enable fast measurements without time-consuming sensor changes. As the axes with the non-active sensors are outside the measuring range, the risk of collision is minimal. The new, multi-sensor capable WRT rotary/tilt head allows fast, stepless positioning of sensors. The eccentric measuring head mount makes it possible to use rotary/tilt heads on small base units.

In WinWerth® version 9.45, the ease of use has again been increased, among other things with uniform dialogues as well as more flexibility in the graphic display of the measurement results. There are new "intelligent" filter options for multipoint measurement with optical sensors. In the field of computed tomography, new functions such as multi-material segmentation, the helix CT or new automatic procedures for artefact correction for low measurement errors are available.

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