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Werth Insight: Assembly workpiece changer

Werth Insight: Assembly workpiece changer

What are you doing right now, Ms Simon?

I am assembling our new workpiece changing system in the TomoScope® XS Plus. Together with my team, we then equip each computed tomography coordinate measuring system individually with the customer's ordered accessories. In order for the workpiece changer to function correctly later, all changing racks must be adjusted accordingly. We use a gage block to check the distances between the changing racks and the rotary axis so that the fixtures can later be removed automatically.

What is your background?

I come from a family of craftsmen. Even as children, my siblings and I worked on motorbikes together with our father and grandfather – and usually got them running again. That's where my affinity for mechanics comes from. At the Chance measurement, I got information about relevant occupational fields, got to know the Werth company and applied without further ado. I was able to shorten my training as an industrial mechanic by half a year and immediately set myself new goals. In addition to my work at Werth, I became an industrial master craftsman at night school. According to my degree, I was put in charge of CT assembly. In this function, I take over the assembly planning of my employees and also the communication with the design department when I see potential for improvement in components or processes.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

With my team, I oversee the entire assembly process from the very beginning to delivery to the customer. That's extremely exciting and challenging, because that's how I find out how diverse the accessories are and what all the possible combinations are. With novelties such as the workpiece changing system, I am of course there when the first systems are assembled and tested.


Werth Insight: Assembly workpiece changer



All Werth TomoScope® machines pass through the hands of Lea Simon and her team





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