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Werth-Insight: Mounting air bearings

Werth-Insight: Mounting air bearings

What are you doing, Mr Fink?

When mounting air bearings, it is important to determine the distance and alignment between them and the guideway so that the device axes can later move on the air cushion. On the VideoCheck® FB, we position the air bearing at an exact distance from the granite using ball heads on fine-thread screws (so-called calottes). The air then flows through very fine bores in the position. An air cushion is created, causing the slider to float. I use a dial gauge to determine the so-called flight height, which is very important for the measuring machine to function perfectly. The air bearings are also checked by our field service as part of the annual maintenance programme.

What is your career path?

I wanted to do something technical with my hands that required dexterity and offered variety. During my research, I came across Werth and started training as an industrial mechanic specialising in mechanical and plant engineering. My first tasks included assembling small assemblies such as various drives, then I was allowed to put together more complex assemblies. Once my trainer was sure that I knew what to look out for, I was introduced to the assembly of machines. You start with a ScopeCheck® S and then gradually get to know the different machine types and families. In between, there are always individual orders or customised products, for example for development. Sometimes I'm also allowed to help install the sensors, but you need several years of professional experience to assemble sensors.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

My favourite part is helping to assemble the large TomoScope® L and XL machines. But I also really enjoy working on the turning and milling machine. For example, I manufacture and machine individual parts and accessories for more specialised machines or sensors, such as complex 6-axis devices or our Werth Interferometer Probe WIP. I very much hope that I will be taken on according to my apprenticeship and that I can continue to support the production department.

Werth-Insight: Mounting air bearings

Fink is a fourth-year apprentice

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