Case Studies

Compact CT unit for accredited test laboratory – Non-destructive analysis of 3D printed titanium implants with computed tomography /CPM Diagnostics GmbH
(published in magazine "QZ" - Editon 04/2021)

For 100 percent safety – Production of brake system components with automated in-line measurement
(published in magazine "QZ" - Editon 04/2020)

Nothing works without measurement – 3D multisensor coordinate measuring technology ensures precision manufacturing at Vitz / Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "QE" - Editon 02/2020)

Measuring in minutes – Production-related quality assurence of complicated mold inserts / Mauth Werkzeug-Schleiftechnik GmbH
(published in magazine "QE" Edition 01/2019)

Multisensor meets high-frequency technology / Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "microproduction" Edition 01/2019)

The right technology for every measuring task – 3D measurement service with multisensor technology and computed tomography / Messtronik GmbH
(published in magazine "QE" - Editon 04/2018)

Lateral Thinkers/ Emil Arnold GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "NC Fertigung" - Editon 03/2018)

Highly Accurate Quality Assurance – Werth Multisensor Machine Used for Electromobility and Transmission Parts at VW  / Volkswagen AG
(published in magazine "QE" Edition 01/2018)

For the Good of the Patient / Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "QZ" - Editon 09/2017)

Safety thanks to multisensor technology – Unimet uses VideoCheck S multisensor measuring machines for checking punched and bent parts / Unimet Group
(published in magazine "QZ" - Editon 01/2017)

Measuring with precision and Insight - Multisensor Systems Monitor Quality in Production / Julius Blum GmbH
(published in magazine "Kunststoffe" - Editon 07/2016)

Micrometer precision all the way - Cross-Border Network in Micro-Metrology / Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH
(published in magazine "QZ" - Edition 01/2016)

Metrology for the future – Multisensor systems are the basis for zero-defect production / ERNI Production AG
(published in magazine "QZ" - Edition 05/2015)

Measuring at the Limit – It (almost) doesn´t get any smaller / Zecha GmbH
(published in magazine "Commercial Micro Manufacturing" - Edition 04/2015)

Coordinate Measuring Technology with CT Accelerates the Development Process  Faster to market readiness / TE Connectivity (TCC)
(published in magazine "QE" - Edition 03/2015)

When other measurement methods fail / Maxon Motor AG
(published in magazine "Mikroproduktion" - Edition 02/2015)

A Network of Measuring Machines / Schnyder SA
(published in magazine "maschine+werkzeug" Edition 11/2014)

When Optical Sensors Work Hand in Hand – Multisensors in quality assurance at Kleiner Stanztechnik / Kleiner Stanztechnik/Kleiner GmbH
(published in magazine "QE" Edition 9/2014)

Good Connections – Developing a comprehensive metrology standard with CMM / Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "QZ" - Edition 05/2014)

Flying with high precision / Thales Electronic Systems GmbH
(published in magazine "QE" Ausgabe 01/2014)

Step Toward the Future – Computed Tomography (CT) opens a new spectrum in 3D metrology / Hettich Holding GmbH & Co. oHG
(published in magazine "QE" Ausgabe 01/2013)

Into the Future in Three Dimensions – Computed Tomography (CT) enhances coordinate measuring machines / Harting KGaA
(published in magazine "Plastverarbeiter" Edition 10/2012)

Precise measurement results for research and development /Roche Diagnostics GmbH
(published in magazine "QZ" - Editon 05/2012)

Precision in focus / Wolf Gruppe
(published in Production Engineering Solutions magazine - Editon 01/2012)

X-ray vision and more  / Vema Werkzeug und Formenbau GmbH
(published in magazine "Machinery" - Edition 01/2012)

Measuring the nearly immeasurable – Multisensor CMM measures wafer layer thicknesses / Ferdinand Braun Institute
(published in magazine „QZ“ – Edition 05/2011)

Only One Correction Loop required – Using computer tomography for optimal injection molds/ Vema Werkzeug und Formenbau GmbH
(published in magazine "FORM+Werkzeug" - Edition 05/2010)

First article inspection – just in time / Julius Blum GmbH
(published in magazine „Plastverarbeiter“ – Edition 08/2009)

In One Setup – Multisensor measuring machine measures complex implant geometries/ Stuckenbrock Medizintechnik GmbH
(published in magazine "QZ" - Edition 08/2009)

Precision in focus / Wolf Gruppe
(published in magazine "Fertigung" - Editon 07/2009)

View in several directions – Multi-Sensor machine allows two measurements in one setup / Balda Medical GmbH & Co. KG
(published in magazine "QZ" - Edition 05/2009)

Measure and save – The right technology for measuring long profiles has many advantages for aerospace supplier / PFW Aerospace AG
(published in magazine "QE" - Edition 04/2009)

One-step multisensor measurement / Paul Hettich GmbH & Co. KG
(published in Quality magazine - Edition 09/2008)


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