Introducing the Dr.- Ing. Siegfried Werth Foundation

In 1951, Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Werth founded an apparatus and machine building company in Düsseldorf to produce measuring machines and profile projectors. In 1958 the company moved to Giessen  where a new production facility was constructed. In 1979 the company was reorganized as Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Werth GmbH.
After the death of Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Werth, his widow, Mrs. C.H. Maria Werth set up a foundation in 1987 to commemorate her husband's forward-looking development efforts and his life's work in the field of industrial metrology under the name

Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Werth Foundation

Originally, it had no legal capacity but was transitioned into a non-profit foundation with full legal capacity in 1995.

Seat and address of the foundation:  35394 Giessen, Siemensstr. 19.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote and finance scientific work in the field of non-contacting dimensional metrology.
This purpose has been fulfilled by awarding scientific work by talented young scientists who have completed an initial academic degree in the field of industrial metrology or related fields, or by granting research contracts, including doctoral dissertation projects, to gifted young scientists.

Organ of the Foundation
The sole organ of the foundation is the Board of Trustees. It consists of four honorary trustees from which the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is elected for a term of 5 years. The Chairman represents the foundation together with another member of the board in all legal and extrajudicial affairs.


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