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Werth TomoQuick HV – One Machine for Everything
High precision measurements or inspection in a few seconds

Measuring roughness, waviness and contour in any direction with Werth multisensor coordinate measuring machines

Multisensors for Large Measurement Ranges

VideoCheck® Bridge Type Machines - Multisensors Converge

A True "Multisensor"

Lifesaving Stents -Tested Quality with Werth Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machines

First Calibration Laboratory Accredited by the DAkkS for Coordinate Measuring Machines with X-ray Tomography

WinWerth® GearMeasure - Measuring Gears with WinWerth®

"3D Patch" at a New Level of Performance

Werth WFP/S - The most successful microprobe in the world – now in freeform Scanning mode

Kompakt und präzise – Werth TomoScope® 200 nun mit 225 kV

Werth TomoScope® - Automatic Workpiece Changer in the Closed CT

Werth EasyScope® 200 3D Manual

Book Presentation  - Multi-Sensor Coordinate Metrology





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