Multisensor Coordinate Metrology: Dimensional Measurement with Optics, Styli and X-Ray Tomography

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The title "Multisensor Coordinate Metrology" was the first concentrated report on this technology in 2003 (Volume 248). This was followed in 2006 by a revision of the content and the addition of the topic of X-ray computed tomography.

In 2011, Volume 231 was published, which exclusively covers coordinate metrology with X-ray computed tomography.

This was the reason to develop the new volume 352 with the already introduced title. Here, the importance of multisensor technology is taken into account with an enlarged scope. This is presented in detail in terms of function and application. However, other important topics such as probing force and the influence of temperature have also been included.



The new reference book "Multisensor Coordinate Metrology - Dimensional Measurement with Optics, Probes and X-Ray Tomography" provides users with up-to-date detailed technical information for their daily work.

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