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Comprehensive service around the coordinate measuring machine

Programming services

Turnkey solutions including recording fixtures and measuring programs

The Werth measuring machine can be used efficiently right away. Werth supplies a turnkey measuring machine including fixtures and measuring programs for selected workpieces. Proof of measuring equipment capability ensures reliable operation. Created measuring programmes can be supplemented by the user or alternatively maintained by Werth experts. This guarantees economical use of Werth coordinate measuring machines with optimum results.

Contact programming service

Programming services - Turnkey solutions including recording fixtures and measuring programs
Measuring machine capability analysis, measurement process capability and traceability

The guarantee for reliable inspection processes

A measuring machine capability analysis carried out before delivery offers the certainty that the coordinate measuring machine can reliably reverify the required tolerances on the workpieces.
With the help of various procedures, the influences of the operator, the environment and the workpieces are taken into account. By "measuring calibrated workpieces" according to VDI/VDE 2617 Sheet 8, measurement process capability and traceability of the measurement can also be checked.

Measurement services with multi-sensor systems or computed tomography

Service measurements on workpieces of all kinds

Are you interested in service measurements with our multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines or with industrial computed tomography? We will be happy to provide you with the contact details of our service partners on request.

Repair - Fast service by qualified and experienced staff

Fast service by qualified and experienced staff

Highly trained staff carry out professional and proper repairs of the measuring machines. To ensure the fastest possible repair and thus high availability, 24h or 48h response times can also be arranged on location.


Ensure reliable operation of the coordinate measuring machine according to the specifications

If low measurement errors and a trouble-free production process are to be ensured, regular maintenance of the machines makes sense. Restoring the operational readiness of an unmaintained or poorly maintained coordinate measuring machine often exceeds the maintenance costs many times over.


Determination of the measurement errors of the machine to the calibration value of standards according to DIN 10360 and VDI 2617

Regular calibration ensures that the machine complies with national standards and prevents unforeseen machine failures. Werth Messtechnik was accredited in 2004 as the first German laboratory for the calibration of optical and multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines. In 2011, it was accredited as the first and, until 2018, only facility for the calibration of computed tomography coordinate measuring machines. DAkkS accreditation according to ISO 17025 guarantees that calibration is carried out in accordance with standards. Proof of traceability meets the requirements of the IATF.

Assembly, relocation and commissioning

Ensuring the functionality of the coordinate measuring machine at the user's premises

During installation or relocation of Werth measuring machines, experienced service staff guarantee professional commissioning and thus short downtimes. Upon request, the machine can be inspected according to DIN 10360 or VDI 2617.

Assembly, relocation and commissioning - Ensuring the functionality of the coordinate measuring machine at the user's premises
Retrofitting and updates

Keeping the machines up to date with the latest technology

The hardware of the machines is outdated, the range of functions limited? Retrofitting modern machine hardware and updating to the latest measurement software with the latest range of functions enables a performance level similar to that of a new machine. This increases productivity, reduces maintenance and maintains the value of the coordinate measuring machine.

Training courses

Metrology experts guarantee the correct and efficient use of coordinate measuring machines

Training courses ensure the optimum use of multisensor coordinate measuring machines and computed tomography...
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Software tools as well as information about Werth coordinate measuring machines and the company

In addition to software tools, for example, user reports, information on careers and on the certification of the company can be downloaded.
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