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AUKOM training courses

Theoretical training in coordinate metrology at Werth

Werth Messtechnik's certified AUKOM trainers impart specialist knowledge with the expertise of the leading manufacturer of coordinate metrology with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems.


Practical, verifiable and verifiable basic training for coordinate metrologists

The non-profit association Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e.V. (Training in Coordinate Metrology) has developed a manufacturer- and product-neutral worldwide industry standard to compensate for the unfortunate lack of training professions and study subjects. Werth Messtechnik is a leader in the fields of computed tomography and multi-sensor systems. With this expertise, we make an important contribution to the creation and maintenance of training materials for coordinate metrology with optical sensors, X-ray tomography and multi-sensor systems.

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Courses for metrology technicians

Basics and expert knowledge

The AUKOM courses generally include a final examination, successful participation is certified by a certificate. The courses AUKOM 1, AUKOM 2 and AUKOM Form & Position provide the basics for a job as a metrology technician. Those who have passed all three may call themselves AUKOM metrology technicians. If the training was completed some time ago, the course "AUKOM metrology update" is useful. For metrology experts, the advanced course AUKOM 3 is offered. We recommend consolidating the knowledge acquired in the AUKOM theory course with a WinWerth® practical training course before moving on to the next level of AUKOM ladder.

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Special offers

Exclusive AUKOM CT course and courses for quality management

Expert knowledge on the application of coordinate measuring systems with computed tomography and on the evaluation of CT measurements can be acquired with the AUKOM CT course exclusively at Werth. For all those working in quality management, such as design engineers, production planners or managers, AUKOM Form & Position as well as the management workshop AUKOM MW are suitable. Good luck in the world of metrology!

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AUKOM Training Level 2
28.11.2022 – 02.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
AUKOM mould and position (FL)
05.12.2022 – 07.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
AUKOM Update
12.12.2022 – 13.12.2022
Germany / Giessen
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