Werth Inspector® FQ

The fastest, most rigid multisensor coordinate measuring machine available in the world today, integrating state of the art performance, design, and software engineering features

Design Fixed bridge multisensor CMM. Highest positioning speed due to linear drives.
Available Measuring Sensors Werth image processing (IP) video sensor with high resolution CCD camera, Werth 3D-Patch, Werth laser sensors, touch trigger and dynamic scanning probes, Werth Fiber Probe, Werth Contour Probe, Werth IP 40T (compact optical sensor head), etc.
Measuring Range X=400-1000mm; Y=400-1000mm, Z=200-300mm
Maximum permissible length measurement error down to 2.5 µm
Applications Fields of application are everywhere where high measuring speed is required, i.e. in  the electronics industry, measurement of metal parts, in the toolmaking industry, machine building, automotive industry, plastics industry, rubber goods industry, etc.

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