Werth Fiber Probe WFP 3D

Werth 3D Fiber Probe WFP

3D micro probe for high precision applications 

With the new 3D Werth Fiber Probe (WFP), the range of applications of the proven Werth Fiber Probe technology has expanded to additional measurement tasks, particularly in 3D. It is well suited for tactile measurement of three dimensional microstructures. Typical applications include measuring tools, watch components, fuel injector nozzles and micromechanical components. The low probing forces make the 3D WFP suitable for the (nearly non-contact) measurement of sensitive components, such as lens surfaces or elastic components made of rubber or plastic. Extremely low probing forces of less than one thousandth of a Newton are possible. Probing spheres with a diameter as small as 20µm are available. The 3D WFP is completely integrated in the Werth multisensor concept and allows probing errors in the range of tenths of a micron.


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