Werth Chromatic Focus Line CFL

Werth Chromatic Focus Line Sensor CFL

Chromatic focus line for highly accurate non-contact measurement on surfaces

With the Chromatic Focus Line (CFL) sensor, entire workpiece geometries are captured rapidly. The Chromatic Focus Line sensor measures workpieces with diffuse, reflective, and transparent surfaces, as well as surfaces with large inclination. With the unparalleled accuracy of the CFL at high measuring speed, precision components and micro-features are measured. The sensor can be used on highly reflective or transparent workpieces, such as die stamps and carbide or diamond tools, but also on diffuse reflective plastic components. The high point density allows the determination of topography for a wide variety of surfaces to be captured, such as precision mechanical workpieces like watch chassis plates. The measurement of LED array coplanarity, semiconductor technology is another typical area of application for the CFL.


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