Werth computed tomography for the measuring room

The automobile manufacturer Skoda in Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic) uses two multisensor coordinate measuring machines with computer tomography (CT) sensors from Werth Messtechnik GmbH. These are a TomoScope® L machine with a tube voltage of 225kV and a TomoScope® XL NC 800 machine with 450kV tube voltage. In order to extend the application possibilities, this machine was prepared for the installation of a second X-ray source with different characteristics. Both machines have in common the low specified length measuring deviation in the order of a few micrometers. Thus many measuring tasks can be solved, which were taken over so far with high expenditure of time by classical coordinate measuring machines.

Special functions extend the range of applications for various measuring and inspection tasks. The raster tomography and region of interest tomography methods are integrated to increase the resolution. Half-sided tomography doubles the measuring range and allows objects with a diameter of 700 mm and a height of 800 mm to be measured.

Both coordinate measuring machines are used in 3-shift operation for the measurement of engine components, body parts and electronic components as well as for material testing for defects such as blowholes, cracks and assembly errors. Patent pending functions and a modular concept make these machines for Skoda a guarantee for the quality of the various components and parts.

Werth TomoScope XL NC with 450 kV X-ray tube

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