Werth TomoScope® S – High Performance in a Compact Package

Coordinate measuring machines with computed tomography are developing at a rapid pace. In addition to high-resolution detectors, the TomoScope® S can now use 240 kV transmission X-ray tubes as well.

X-ray tubes with a transmission target have a very small focal point, even at high power levels, so they produce very high resolution at a high measuring speed. Tubes with X-ray voltage ranging from 130 kV to 240 kV are available for the TomoScope® S, which is suitable for workpieces up to 200 mm in diameter and 400 mm in length. The highest resolution with the largest measuring range is provided by an X-ray detector with a high pixel count and large detector surface area.
All TomoScope® units are fully protected machines in the sense of X-ray equipment regulations. The optional active machine climate control guarantees deviations of no greater than ± 1 K from the reference temperature of 20°C in the measuring volume. This makes highly accurate measurements possible in manufacturing or goods receiving areas.
The optional integrated workpiece changing system is now available for all Werth CT machines. It is integrated in the machine housing and requires no additional robot or safety precautions, such as light curtains. The system uses the machine's axes to position the workpieces, which means that the CT systems can also run automatically overnight and on weekends without stopping. Full integration in WinWerth® measuring software and the CNC-controlled filter changeout system even makes it possible to measure different workpieces in the same measurement sequence.

A patented sub-voxeling method allows dimensional measurements with very low measurement uncertainty, similar to conventional sensors. For example, fuel injector nozzles can now be measured capably with tolerances of less than 5 µm. This accuracy and its high measurement point density make this technology optimal for correcting injection molds. The WinWerth® FormCorrect software package automatically determines deviations from the specification and provides appropriate correction data. DAkkS calibration of the machines is also possible on request.


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