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Multi-Sensor Coordinate Metrology

Measurement of Form, Size, and Location in Production and Quality Control

The first technical book on the subject of "Multi-Sensor Coordinate Metrology" was introduced by Werth Messtechnik GmbH at the fair "Control 2003" in Sinsheim. It fills a gap in the technical literature on the subject of coordinates measuring technology, which up till now has mainly dealt with mechanical sensing. In this way it is taking into account the trend in the market towards more flexibility and measuring speed by way of optical sensors.

The technical knowledge of Werth Messtechnik GmbH built up in the course of over 60 years of company history, forms the basis for a systematic and comprehensible representation of technical interrelationships.

Proceeding from an overview of the development of optical coordinate metrology, the basic principle of such measuring instruments is explained. The functioning principles of different sensors such as image processing, laser, and mechanical sensors are represented. Here the emphasis is placed on the various opto-electronic sensors, which acquire more significance especially because of the growing complexity of the measuring tasks and miniaturization of the measuring objects. Different instrument classes for shopfloor use, all the way up to high precision instruments for the measuring lab are represented. The required software tools for easy operation of multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines and for connection with the CAD environment are explained. A special section is devoted to the problems surrounding measuring accuracy. Here a distinction is made between instrument specification, measuring uncertainty, and measuring process capability. Main application features from the fields of plastics, metals, tools and micro-geometries complete the overview of the technology of the multisensor coordinate metrology.

The book is ideal for communicating the most important basics for the understanding of multisensor coordinate metrology to the interested technical experts from the fields of production and metrology. Through references to application possibilities and the limits of the technology the preconditions for choosing the right technology for the right application are explained. The book is therefore to be recommended as a basic manual to all those who's day-to-day work involves the checking of the geometry of manufacturing parts.


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