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X-ray Tomography in Industrial Metrology

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The new technical book, "X-ray Tomography in Industrial Metrology", from the "Library of Technology" series was  presented in English language by Werth Messtechnik GmbH. This edition joins the volume "Multisensor Coordinate Metrology", which was published a few years ago.

For the first time, the technology of X-ray tomography is presented with an emphasis on industrial metrology. The functional principle, potential applications, specifications and discussion of measurement uncertainty, as well as other critical features of coordinate measuring machines with X-ray tomography, are explained in a compact, easily understood format. It is based on the cumulative technical expertise in non-contacting metrology gathered over 60 years of corporate history by the experts at Werth Messtechnik GmbH, as well as the experience of 10 years of pioneering work in the field of coordinate measuring metrology with X-ray sensors.

The emphasis of this book is to provide those involved in the fields of manufacturing or metrology with the most important fundamentals for understanding this new technology. It is also recommended as a foundational reference for anyone with responsibilities in the dimensional inspection y of manufactured parts.


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