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TomoScope® coordinate measuring systems with X-ray computed tomography

DAkkS calibration in field service

"Werth Messtechnik is indispensable in almost all branches of industry," explains Jannik Bloh, who was taken on as a mechatronics technician in the field service department according to his training at Werth. "I get to experience technical progress first-hand, not only with our machines, but also with our customers' products."

What are you doing right now, Mr Bloh?
When calibrating 3D coordinate measuring systems according to VDI 2617, the length measurement error and probing error are determined. To determine the length measurement error, I first measure the centre-to-centre distances and two-point diameters of a calibrated multi-ball distance standard. The measurement points for determining the sphere centres are probed from almost all spatial directions. The averaging effect reduces systematic probing errors. To ensure comparability, a short length is also measured bidirectionally in the corresponding orientation and the resulting probing error is added with the correct sign. I then determine the probing error for the diameter and mould of the sphere using another sphere standard. Incidentally, the DAkkS laboratory at Werth was the first laboratory for coordinate measuring systems with computed tomography to be accredited.
What is your background?
In 2010, I was looking for an apprenticeship in a technical field, as a mechanic or mechatronics engineer. As I come from Central Hesse, I came across Werth while searching the internet. I realised pretty quickly that I wanted to do my apprenticeship there. I found the coordinate measuring machines and the associated technology very exciting. Then there's the range of applications - metrology is indispensable in almost all branches of industry. Mechatronics engineers have many possible applications according to their training at Werth, for example in device commissioning or service. It was the same for me.
What do you enjoy most about your work?
My work is varied and interesting, you never stop learning. I let the day come to me, it's full of surprises. I get to experience technical progress first hand, not only with our machines, but also with our customers' products. At our customers' sites, I have access to areas that you don't normally get to see, such as the production lines in the automotive industry. In our customers' development departments, I come across new products before they are launched on the market.

DAkkS calibration in field service

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