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TomoScope® S Plus – the evolution of measuring range and accuracy

TomoScope® S Plus – the evolution of measuring range and accuracy

Werth TomoScope® coordinate measuring systems with computed tomography offer high measuring speed with high resolution. Thanks to transmission tubes with 80 W tube power, measurements can be taken up to five times faster than with conventional reflection tubes while maintaining the same structural resolution. OnTheFly CT for continuous recording of intensity images during rotation and real-time reconstruction of the digital workpiece volume simultaneously with image acquisition also contribute to the very high measuring speed. TomoScope® machines have a high level of availability due to their low maintenance requirements. Proven long-life components enable maintenance-free operation for up to 12 months; maintenance work by the operator is completely eliminated. Standard-compliant calibration is optionally carried out by the Werth DAkkS laboratory, the world's first for CT coordinate measuring systems.
In 2005, Werth developed the TomoScope® 200, the first CT machine for coordinate metrology. With a permissible length measurement error MPE for E of up to (4.5 μm + L/75) μm, it was already possible to measure completely and accurately at that time. The modern successor with high tube voltage and high-resolution detector with compact external dimensions was introduced in 2011. This was followed in the years that followed by larger CT machines for the measurement of difficult-to-penetrate workpieces with high resolution. From 2017, more compact CT coordinate measuring systems for fast measurements with high resolution were introduced with the TomoScope® XS device family.


TomoScope® S Plus – the evolution of measuring range and accuracy

With the large measuring range and X-ray voltages of up to 240 kV, even large objects can be measured

Top performance with optimised components

The new TomoScope® S Plus measuring systems have more than twice the measuring volume of their predecessors, but are almost the same size. With the unique specifications for the length measurement error MPE for E of (4 + L/75) μm and the distance error MPE for SD of (2.5 + L/100) μm, the series also offers what is certainly the highest accuracy in its machine class.
The modular device system has been expanded. X-ray tubes from 130 kV to 240 kV tube voltage, with transmission or reflection target and with or without focussing can be integrated. With tube voltages of up to 240 kV, the new TomoScope® S can be used to measure large workpieces that are difficult to penetrate. The detectors have 2 megapixels to 28 megapixels with pixel sizes from 50 μm to 200 μm. The combination of large detectors and special tomography methods such as raster or half-side tomography enable a large measuring range of up to 650 mm. In addition, new operating modes such as laminography and eccentric Tomography "OnTheFly" are available for the TomoScope® S series.
The new machines achieve an even higher measuring speed. The new cone beam artefact correction enables fast, accurate measurement with a short distance between the X-ray source and detector. By using large and fast detectors, a greater proportion of the radiation energy is utilised. This enables a higher measuring speed or, by improving the signal-to-noise ratio with the same measuring time, a higher accuracy. As with all Werth TomoScope® machines, the measurement time can also be greatly reduced by measuring many workpieces at the same time.

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