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Economical measurement with multi-sensor systems

Safety for people and the environment

VideoCheck® HA with SEMI certification

With length measurement errors of MPE Euni of up to (0.25 + L/900) µm and (0.15 + L/2000) µm respectively, the VideoCheck® HA and VideoCheck® UA are the world's most accurate multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems. The industry association SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) issues international safety standards for the use of the machines in nano- and microelectronics production.

The VideoCheck® HA enables the measurement of precision workpieces with tolerances in the micrometre range and 3D micro-geometries, even on large workpieces. The machine has a unique concept with up to three independent sensor axes for fast multi-sensor systems without limitations. In the patented Raster Scanning HD mode, single images captured during movement are superimposed to form a high-resolution overall image. For example, large panels with thousands of small bores can be measured automatically. The overall image has a resolution of up to 20,000 megapixels (approx. 140,000 × 140,000 pixels with a pixel size of 5 µm).
The guidelines of the SEMI organisation are becoming increasingly important worldwide and must be evaluated by an independent third party. In Germany, this certification can be carried out by TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein). For this purpose, the VideoCheck® HA has been adapted to the international environmental, health and safety guidelines for semiconductor production facilities and equipped with the necessary accessories. The SEMI guidelines contain detailed specifications, in particular for the electrical design and its immunity to interference, but also for the mechanical design, radiation and noise protection and ergonomics. A special fire protection bonnet, for example, reduces the fire load. Floor anchoring provides earthquake protection and stabilises the machine, which is mounted on vibration dampers. Light barriers ensure that the device is stopped or that the device axes are operated at safe speeds when entering the safety corridor.

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